Pastor P. L. Redmond, Jr., Sr. Pastor

Our Pastor envisions a world in which the Church and community are intertwined for the betterment of the people. He has labored over 50 years in pastorate to advance this vision and the cause of Christ.

Pastor Redmond is the founder and pastor of New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, a ministry based in southwest Atlanta. Pastor Redmond's leadership, and love for God's people, has been the cause behind the ministry's exponential growth. His transparency and ability to share God's word in a way that "meets people where they are" is emulated by the membership through evangelism and discipleship. In the first 20 years, the church has grown from 24 chartered members to over 2,000 members.

His leadership extends beyond the walls of New Calvary, Pastor Redmond is the founder and organizer of the New Calvary Commission for Community Improvement, Inc. (NCCCI), a 501c3 organization. NCCCI focuses on building the community through various programs that encourage literacy and education, self-sufficiency, and recovery. He is also the presiding moderator of the Southwest Atlanta Baptist Association, the first exclusive African-American association affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Pastor Redmond is married to his committed wife, Evelyn Carmichael Redmond. Their 57-year union has been blessed with 2 daughters, Pamela Danielle (Jonathan) Bryant and April Redmond (Berwin) Echols. Pastor has four grandchildren, Jonathan and Joniya McKenzie Bryant, Aria Rose and Bailey Carlen Echols.

He loves God's people and believes truly in his calling and is dedicated to its service.